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I haven't forgotten....

First, I must apologize. I don’t know how many of you out there actually read these musings of mine, but I do know some of you read my book The Singer and asked me long ago when the sequel was coming out.

I promised it earlier this year, and, sadly I broke that promise.

So what’s been happening over here in my world?

Well, I wrote a play, which consumed a LOT of my energy. It’s called The Juniper Tree and has nothing do with alternate realities or the Grimm’s Fairy Tale. It’s firmly rooted in the real world, albeit the past (1968) and deals with broken families and restoration. You can read more about it on my website if you so desire.

That play closes this weekend in Indianapolis, and now suddenly I have all this time on my hands. Well, not ALL this time, but some time, more than I’ve had.

So what gives? What’s happening in Aryam?

I have not been idle dear readers. I am hard at work on The Seer, the sequel to The Singer, and it’s about two-thirds of the way done. BUT, I have finished a novella called Shadows and Lights, set between the two books. I finished it last year, and got it off to my lovely editor. When she sent it back, and I reread it, I realized I needed to do some more work on it. She agreed.

You see, I was in a quantity mindset, eagerly pushing out a story, and I realized I needed to take some time to make it quality work. So I took a deep breath and slowed down. And wrote a play.

But, I am back in the world of Aryam, and I promise the new story will be out soon.

Where are we going? Well, Shadows and Lights tells Ketya’s tale. She was a minor character in The Singer and I never intended for much to come of her. Sometimes, characters suddenly take on a life of their own. So we’re pausing in the saga of Cephra and Mika to tell Ketya’s story, and I’m rather excited for where her story will take you, dear reader. Along the way we’ll get a bit more insight into the Shadows and Etna’s plan to bring about endless night.

The Seer picks up where The Singer left off, and this time the story is told by Mika. It’s fascinating writing the same characters from a different perspective. I see Cephra differently through Mika’s view point than I did when writing her voice. That’s been interesting and is adding layers to the story. We’ll explore more of Aryam, and you’ll meet a host of new characters that will be key players as the story unfolds.

So, thank you for your patience, and bearing with me. I think it will be worth the wait.

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