I wear a lot of hats.


I'm a lifelong creative, having been drawn to the arts and storytelling at a young age. I find writing helps me to collect my thoughts, and express my opinions. You can read my musings on life and faith, as well as my writing advice on my blog. 

As a novelist, I've written in many genres, and you can learn more about my stories under the books tab.


My work often explores themes of faith and identity. 

As an artist I work in a variety of mediums; my first love was drawing and the bulk of my work involves drawing in some form. As a child I loved to make things from paper and cloth and as an adult that translates to mixed media pieces. I've also always been fascinated by puppetry, which led me to the theater.

I was an introverted child, with a stutter that would manifest at the most awkward moments. In spite of this I took to acting as a teenager. I've done a bit of everything when it comes to the stage, including directing, costuming, and a host of other jobs. I've written a couple of plays, taught on drama here and there and served as the Director of The Indianapolis Metropolitan Theater Company for a few years. You can find more info about my play The Juniper Tree under the theater tab.


In addition to teaching drama, I teach art. I've taught elementary students and currently teach middle school. I'm really in touch with my inner child, and I may have just as much fun in these classes as the kids.


As a student myself I've explored several fields. I did undergraduate work in psychology before earning a degree in Culinary Arts from Le Cordon Bleu. After being a chef for a number of years I decided to study theology and worship music at Christ for the Nations Institute.


These varied experiences reflect my passion for the complex thing that is life, which I think should be approached with a healthy dose of child-like wonder and whimsy.



Thanks for stopping by!