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Timothy A. Taylor is a creative polymath, which means he’s an artist with ADHD.


After collecting degrees in Culinary Arts and Theology, he still hasn’t decided what he wants to be when he grows up.


He has written two novels, a play, various articles, scripts and stories. He has also contributed to, offering his musings on the intersection of faith and nerd-dom.


His work explores themes of faith, identity and belonging, as well as the duality of being from a multi-racial family.


As an artist he has worked in a variety of media, and is currently hyper-focused on digital art, paper sculpture and needle felting.


He can sometimes be found in theatres, either pretending to be someone he isn’t or telling other people to do so. At times he also creates puppets to bring fantastic characters and creatures to life.


When he isn’t creating something, he can often be found snuggled on the sofa with his dog, playing video games or watching Star Trek.


He serves as a Teaching Artist at the Indianapolis Art Center, as well as helping to lead the arts ministry at his church.












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